Albemarle County


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In 1744, the Virginia General Assembly created Albemarle County by taking the northern portion of Goochland County. The county was named in honor of Willem Anne van Keppel, 2nd Earl of Albemarle and titular Governor of Virginia at the time.The large county was divided in 1761, forming Buckingham and Amherst counties, at which time the county seat was moved from the formerly-central Scottsville to a piece of newly central land, christened Charlottesville.

The first patents taken out in Albermarle county on 16 Jun 1727 by George Hoomes and Nicholas Meriwether. It was nearly 2 years before Dr. George Nicholas took out the third.

In July 1869, the county was laid off into five townships (districts)

  1. Rivanna
  2. Whitehall
  3. Samuel Miller
  4. Scottsville
  5. Charlottesville

In 1875, Ivy was added as a 6th township.

Home of Thomas Jefferson

Albemarle Charoletteville Historical Society

Surrounding Counties

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