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Winchester, post village, capital of Frederick County, Virginia, 146 north north west Richmond, 74 Washington City. Situated on Abraham's branch of Opequan creek, a branch of the Potomac river. Founded in 1752. The streets cross each other at right angles, and are generally paved, and the houses are mostly of brick or stone. It contains a court house, jail, market house, Masonic hall, a lyceum, 13 churches, 2 Presbyterian, 1 Episcopal, 3 Baptist, 2 Methodist, 2 Lutheran, 1 German Reformed, 1 Friends, and 1 Roman Catholic, an academy, 2 banks, besides 1 for savings, numerous stores, 2 furnaces, 2 breweries, 3 carriage factories, 7 flouring mills, 1 carpet factory, 1 cotton factory, and 3,454 inhabitants. The village is supplied by water from a spring, half a mile distant, through cast iron pipes. A railroad extends to Harper's Ferry, where it unites with the Baltimore railroad. Its trade is extensive, and its advantages are great. It is memorable for important events in the French war, and for the succors which it afforded to "that heroic youth, Colonel Washington."
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