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Richmond, city and port of entry, and capital of Henrico County, and of the state of Virginia, is situated on James river, at the lower falls, at the head of tidewater, and is in 37� 30' north latitude, and 77� 31' west longitude from Greenwich, and 0� 27' west longitude from west. It is 23 miles north from Petersburgh, and 117 south. by west from Washington City. The population in 1800 was 5,737; in 1810, 9,785; in 1820, 12,067 in 1830, 16,060; in 1840, 20,153. It is beautifully located on the west side of the river, between 50 and 60 miles above City Point, and 150 miles above the mouth of the river. It is directly opposite to Manchester, to which it is connected by 2 bridges. The situation is healthy and highly picturesque. The deaths do not exceed 1 in 85 of the population, annually. Shockoe and Richmond hills stand opposite to each other and Shockoe creek, an active stream, passes between them; and the city is spread over these hills, and along the margin of the creek. The elevations present many picturesque views of the city, of James river, and of the surrounding country. The city contains about 1,400 houses, a large proportion of which are of brick, with slated roofs. The city is regularly laid out, the streets generally crossing each other at right angles. The city plat covers an area of about three and a half square miles, but a moderate portion of which is yet covered with buildings. The houses arc neat and convenient, and many of them are elegant. In the western division of the city, on an elevated plain, denominated Shockoe Hill, stands the capitol. It has a very commanding situation, in the centre ...continued
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